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The Wild Women of Winedale

Performance Dates:
September 22-October 2, 2022
Sept. 22-24 & Sept 29-Oct 1 @ 7:30pm
Sept. 25 & Oct 1-2 Matinees @ 3:00pm
Written by Jones, Hope, Wooten
Directed by Sylvia Veith

Audition Dates

June 28 and June 29, 2022 at 7:00 PM

(Callbacks June 30)
*Come one night only*

The Conyers School of Ballet
931 Center Street, Conyers, GA 30012
Parking Note: Plenty of parking. Turn on Center Street and pass The Conyers School
of Ballet on your left. Turn Right at Stop Sign onto Railroad Street. Take immediate
Right onto Carter’s Alley. Park and walk to The Conyers School of Ballet.

Cold readings from the script will be done.
Please bring your resume and a headshot and be prepared to read with other actors.

All roles are unpaid. Rehearsals begin August 1st.

GENRE: Comedy
Seeking diverse cast of 5-9 Women (40’s-Late 70’s)
  • FANNY WILD CANTRELLE (60): The play takes place in her very cluttered house. She isn’t a hoarder – it’s just that she keeps inheriting other family members’ quilts, sets of China, silverware, figurines, furniture, and just plain stuff! Fanny is at her 60th birthday and realizing most of her life has passed by! Panic attack! Now a widow, she and her sister, Willa, care for their free-spirited Aunt Hester who hovers near death in another room. Fanny manages The Museum of Virginia and directs a video project that records unique women as they discuss the experiences that changed their lives. These women appear in monologues throughout the play. Fanny has a great heart and tries to be the peacemaker between her sister, Willa, and their sister-in-law, Johnnie Faye “Jef” Wild. Ultimately, she would like to free herself enough to make a long-desired trip to Italy.

  • WILLA WILD (mid-50s): Willa works as a nurse and is more and more being moved by the hospital bureaucracy into paperwork and away from her beloved patients. She is really feeling the stress of life. Add to it that she spends lots of time at her sister Fanny’s house as they care for their ailing Aunt Hester who hovers near death in another room. She has a sharp wit and openly hopes her sister-in-law, Johnnie Faye “Jef” Wild won’t show up at the house. Where is Jef anyway? In high school, they were best friends, but they had a serious falling out when Willa stole away Jef’s boyfriend, Freddy. What Jef never knew is that Willa’s brother, McRae, begged Willa to flirt with Freddy so he (Freddy) could win Jef’s affection. He did so, but Jef never forgave Willa for the betrayal. Jef also doesn’t know that after Willa married Freddy, he abused her terribly. After she ended up in the hospital, Willa divorced Freddy and kept his behavior and her brother’s request that she steal Freddy from Jef a secret. It’s a lot to carry around, and Willa resorts to exercise, Vodka, and speed knitting to try to calm down!

  • JOHNNIE FAYE “JEF” WILD (mid-50s): At the beginning of the play, Fanny wonders, “Where is Jef?” She has tried to find her sister-in-law to let her know Aunt Hester is failing. Can’t find her. Willa is happy about that because the last person she wants to see is Jef! (Please read Willa’s character description for this history.) When Jef bursts onto the scene, the tension between her and Willa can really be felt. Jef has just made it through her first year of widowhood, and it hasn’t gone well. She tells the girls she has lost her home – really lost it – down a Florida sinkhole! All she has left is McRae’s Recreational Vehicle. Never having stood on her own, Jef mounts a wild campaign to find a new man. Jef carries a great deal of hurt for what she believes is Willa’s betrayal when they were young girls. The moment Willa shares the truth behind her actions is a key turning point in the play.

Monologues: Below are descriptions of the women who participate in Willa’s video

project for The Museum of Virginia: Defining Women: Taped interviews from across
the State of Virginia about profound events that have affected women and shaped their lives.

  • DOREEN WHITMAN (60s): Doreen is the first female in the one-hundred-year-history of the law firm Hilton, Hollingsworth, Whitman and Fike. The singular event that shaped her life happened in high school when she entered the Miss Lake Windsor Pageant. She had two competitors and was assured by others that she would win. Oops! She came in 2nd Runner-up! After that, she redefined the game and played by her own rules. Thus, her success. Doreen pulls out a surprise – right at the end of the monologue.

  • BETTY DUNLAP (early 40s): Betty arrives late and seems quite frazzled. Hers is a tale of joy . . . but some days are hard to get through. You see, all she ever wanted was a baby. She and her husband tried and tried and tried. Finally, as she neared 40, they went through the adoption process. They became the proud parents of twins! Shortly after that, she actually got pregnant – with twins! This is God’s way of saying, “You’ve slept enough!” She ends her tale on a positive note – especially the part about her husband’s getting a vasectomy!

  • GLENDA BATES (late 70s) and FLO HUDSON (late 70s): These two sisters are Irish twins and enjoy wearing the exact same hairstyles and clothes. Glenda, the older sister, views Flo as a little bit irresponsible with money and is somewhat dismissive when Flo tries to talk. Now that she has received an inheritance from Cousin Thurmond, Glenda outlines how she plans to look out for her little sister. It won’t be a plush life, but little Flo will have a room all to herself. Boy! Does Flo have a surprise coming for Glenda – a surprise that upends the best laid plans. Glenda isn’t the only person in Cousin Thurmond’s will!

  • NORA GRIFFIN (50s): Nora arrives at the taping session in an American Colonial dress, white cloth cap, and long white apron. She is a fun-loving and spirited woman. Previously, she led the stressful life of a hotel-chain event planner. What changed her life was a joke – a joke that actually made her laugh. She realized she had not laughed
    in years. Now she works at Colonial Williamsburg in the candle shop. Could not be happier. It doesn’t hurt that the silversmith is quite a hunk!

  • EDITH MACKLIN (late 40s): When Edith was two-years-old, her mother left her at her grandmother’s and vanished. Throughout her childhood, she felt unwanted and unlovable. Although she grew up to be a functioning adult, she didn’t really socialize or go around people. As she approached 40, she realized that she was truly missing something. Things just were not right. She made a huge decision when she decided to volunteer as an Angel and visit elderly women in their homes. One of these ladies, Nettie, suffered from a stroke and couldn’t speak. Edith ministered in every way she could, especially holding the old lady’s hand. After Nettie’s death, Edith made a startling discovery when she saw a faded family tree with both her grandmother’s name and her own. This monologue is quite tender.

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