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Our History

This year the New Depot Players celebrate 44 years of live theater in the Conyers / Rockdale County Community. The New Depot Players are Conyers’ Premiere Theatre Troupe. We produce a season of quality plays and musicals for youth and adults and are also dedicated to providing opportunities for the Conyers / Rockdale community to become involved in the artistic process—whether onstage, behind the scenes, in workshops or in the audience. Since 1976, The New Depot Players volunteers and patrons have been the backbone of the theatre’s success. Because of our commitment to quality and the vital community involvement, the theatre troupe has forged a remarkable legacy that continues to make a lasting impact on the community. Come and Play Your Part.

A letter from Nils Florman about The New Depot Players -

"Thank You, Ron! We Will Miss You

I joined the Depot Players before we had that name. While walking through downtown Conyers early in the summer of 1976, I spied a hand -- lettered poster announcing auditions for The Rainmaker, our first production. I went, and had the inestimable pleasure of meeting and being cast by our Founder, Linda P. Wise, who, of course directed the production.

Ron was not yet with us, but appeared a couple of months later. By that time, I had accepted Linda's request to take over the business aspects of the group, and was delighted to find out that Ron not only had spent years as the CFO of Atlanta-based Southern Airways, but also was more than willing to occupy the similar role of Depot Players Accountant. By then, Linda had bestowed the title of President of the group on me, and from that point  on, Ron and I, working as a team for the next ten years, handled the group's business matters, and of course tried out for every play we could.

Over the years, I have learned that many, if not most, Community Theater groups do not survive very long; putting on plays is not cheap, and many groups never do enjoy the substantial audiences we draw. The town of Conyers and its neighbors supported us wholeheartedly; we were often sold out in those early years, and that certainly worked in our favor.

But the truth is that Mr. Ron Carley was a genius at handling the Depot Players' finances; and although all of us share in the group's success and longevity, we could not have done it for as long as we did without Ron at the financial helm.

The Depot Players and New Depot Players have now existed for 40 years, come this summer!!

Linda P. wise gave us her incredible talents and teaching -- she taught many of us to act and some to direct; that was how we were able to produce the quality theater we did and do, as we continue to display on our stage.  Sadly, we lost Linda several years ago, but not before she had crafted a solid, talented working theater for us.

And Ron Carley made sure we always had the money to do it.

Thank you, Mr. Carley; we are all missing you already.

Nils Florman"

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